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Take effective action to prevent seasonal diseases including dengue – Health Minister


Take effective action to prevent seasonal diseases including dengue– Health MinisterJaipur, October 14. Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma has directed to ensure effective action to prevent seasonal diseases dengue, malaria, chikungunya and zika virus in the State. He has directed to set up control room functioning round the clock at all the districts and to form rapid response teams.Dr. Sharma directed to ensure effective action by identifying high-risk areas. While imparting training to teams formed for the Covid-19 survey on anti-larvae activities, he stressed on creating awareness among the general public by spreading anti-mosquito activities and prevention of seasonal diseases. Directions have been given to ensure availability of necessary medicines including paracetamol, chloroquine, primaquine etc at the medical institutions and also pay special attention to storage and distribution of medicines at the drug distribution centres.Dr. Sharma directed to focus anti-larval activities to prevent mosquitoes and to put M.L.O. at places of water stagnation to stop breeding of mosquitoes. He further directed to continue putting temephos in tanks of drinking water. He emphasised on active cooperation and coordination with Women and Child Development, Education, Local Bodies, Waterworks departments etc. to prevent seasonal diseases.The Health Minister has appealed to the people of the State that each member of the family should empty the flower pots and trays under them, water pots kept for birds, coolers, refrigerator trays, water tank etc. at their houses every Sunday from 8 am to 8.30 am, clean and dry these before reuse in order to destroy the eggs and larvae of mosquitoes under the ‘Malaria, Dengue Par Vaar’ (Attack on malaria and dengue) activity. ——

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